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Draumagisting or “Dreamhouse” offer a two different accommodation; in a summerhouse in Eyjafjordur fjord for those that want to enjoy the countryside and apartment in Akureyri. In Kjarnagata street we have an apartment that is equipped for handicap people. See more details under the category “Kjarnagata”. Arctic Travel can help you to plan your trip in Iceland, so you will not have to worry if things will turn out right. Our service is to see if all places are suitable for handicap people and make sure everything will be ready when you arrive.

The Capital of the north is Akureyri a centre of education, culture and services in Eyjafjörður  fjord. Akureyri  has a full summer program of events, arts, entertainment and activities. It is a town in the northern part of the Republic of Iceland. In terms of population, it is the second largest urban area after the Greater Reykjavík area.
During the wintertime winter brings its own tapestry of snow and sparkling frosts, if one which one can go skiing in Hlidarfjall and get frequent opportunities to enjoy the unforgettable splendor of the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis.
In the summertime the Midnight Sun is an extraordinary spectacle in these northern latitudes: around the summer solstice, the sun sinks down to touch the horizon before rising again in breathtaking tones of red and gold. Take a day trip to the island Grimsey, enjoy the birdlife and get certificate of being to the Arctic Circle.